Tesla Industries is a private limited company formed in 1992. For the last 15 years, we have been able to establish our network of production and supply in more than 30 cities within the country and for the last 8 years the company has entered into engineering products exports and is expanding worldwide at a fast pace. Our goal at Tesla is to design and produce hi-tech sophisticated and dependable equipment, controls and safety devices for domestic and industrial uses at affordable prices thus saving and generating substantial amount of foreign exchange. Currently we are Pakistan’s largest manufacturer of CNG equipment s electrical control devices and regulation equipment. Tesla has a broad based engineering design, development, testing and hi-tech manufacturing setup that are geared towards the production and constant improvement of quality gas and electrical innovative products. Tesla is the only Pakistani concern which has its manufacturing facility and products approved by the British Electro-technical Approvals Board and British Gas. We also have the honor of being one of such facilities in the world to carry the British Gas Logo on its relevant products. Besides these approvals, Tesla is also ISO 9001 : 2000 standard approved factory.

In addition all manufacturing and testing process comply with international standards like ISO 15500, BS 669, EN 60 335-2-73, NFPA-58 and other relevant standards. The manpower engaged in manufacturing and testing processes is also well conversant with the requirements of relevant international standards. In addition, in house training workshops are also arranged to further educate the manpower to the requirements and testing procedures laid down in international standards like ISO 15500, BS 669, EN 60 335-2-73, NFPA-58 and others.

Tesla started its journey with the indigenization of gas geyser thermostat in 1992. Gas oven thermostats, elements and thermostats for electric water heaters followed. Tesla ventured into the international market in 1999-2000. The electric heating elements and thermostats for electric water heaters are being exported to the United Kingdom along with flexible hoses, end fittings and sockets for gas appliances. Tesla is also manufacturing and exporting semi-rotary double acting hand pumps for light liquids to the U.K. market.

Tesla’s turn over for the year 2006-2007 were well above US $ 10 million and we expect this figure to increase 60% minimum this year.

As emphasis is being made on use of Compressed Natural Gas as fuel in vehicles instead of petroleum in Pakistan, Tesla has again come forward and in the CNG sector, has developed state of the art CNG equipments, such as CNG Compressor, CNG kits and Dispensers. After the approvals granted to Tesla Industries by relevant authorities concerned authorities, the number of CNG manufacturing/ sold/ installed is exceeding beyond 1500.