Tesla LPG Regulator

Specifications                                                                                                                          lpg regulator

Electric control device to reduce the natural gas pressure allowing a regular flow of gas every time the engine requires it. It is equipped with two pressure reduction stages that allow stability at both high and low pressure.The absorption of heat taken from parts of the regulator which are heated with liquid of the engine cooling circuit prevent the LPG freezing during the fall in pressure phase. It includes an electric starting device and a mechanical safety system that trips and shuts off the main flow gas pipe of the engine is switched off or even stalls.

Spares Availability Country Wide Warranty 1 year (Limited)

Regulator type: 2stages with electric starting devices.
Use automotive (suitable for vehicles with carburetor or fuel Injection.
Heating engine cooling circuit liquid.
Test Pressure: 500 Psi
Inlet Pressure: 200 Psi Max
First stage adjustment pressure: 1.5 bar
Power supply: 12v DC (6 v Optional)
Solenoid valve coil power capacity 12W
For Max. Engine Capacity 50-4000cc
Electronic choke (makes starting easy)
Specially Designed for Asian countries
More Torque
More Milage
Equally Suitable for Hilly Areas or loading vehicles

Sequential LPG Kit                                                        lpg kits

Diaphragm type regulator vaporizer heating water
Internal safety valve
Nominal flow 35kg/hr
Injection Rail: 3 & 4.6 cylinder
ECU: OBD compatible
Software controlled injection timing based on LPG . .. .. pressure & tepm, and Engine rpm, & Temp.
Software for diagnostic and controls

Tank Valve

Inlet NRV
80% filling limiter device
Outlet manual shut-off valve
Outlet Solenoid control
Excess flow valve
Universal fuel level gauge (Visual & Electronic) …. …. …light/gas (optional)


Over Pressure:27 bar
Over Temp.: (Thermal Fuse) 120?C
Outlet line filter
Mounting option: 0 to 90 (confirms to E67-R1)